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EYFS Home Learning

Dear EYFS parents 

There are lots of lovely things for you to be doing at home with your children over the next few weeks and here are just a few ideas. I will post some pictures with things you could be doing at home each week. 

Here is a website that you can look at together that has some lovely resources to print and activities to try and is free for parents at the moment. 


Thank you 


Week 1 ideas

These are all the things I have been doing with my 2 year old son at home this week while he can't go to his own nursery. 

*Built a train track

counting / drawing with gems 

*Planting seeds 

*Making a racetrack out of chalk 

*Egg box maths 

*Marbles and numicon counting 

Thank you 

Here are some more things I have been doing with my son this week 

*Pattern drawing

*Learning colours while make making

*Learning to cook our own dinner

*Made a box den

*Handprint painting

This week I have bee doing some more activities with my son: 

*Pom pom number card counting

*Make a cardboard cut out pattern and colour it in

*Spaghetti and cheerio finger gym

*Digging in the mud for worms

*Learning to grate cheese

*Wrote a letter to a important person and walked to the post box to post it 

Can you have a go at doing some of these too...

Reception Home Learning

List of free websites you can access to support home learning:

Practise timetables: www.ttrockstars.com

EYFS, KS1, KS2 resources: www.twinkl.co.uk Type in the code COVIDTWINKLHELPS

Filled with fun facts and quizzes - good for foundation subjects www.dkfindout.com/uk/

Find out about the world around us: www.natgeokids.com/uk/

Free ebooks for children: www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/

PE with Joe: Live PE lessons with Joe at 9am everyday. Check out The body coach channel on Youtube. 

Phonics lessons

Monday to Friday Set 1 – 9.30am, Set 2 – 10am, Set 3 – 10.30am 

On Youtube search for RWI phonics lesson live . Please watch either the 9.30 or the 10am lesson and encourage your child in the learning of phonics whilst at home.


Also this week why don’t you start a scrapbook of all the exciting things you are doing whilst at home. This can include helping your mum and dad tidy, your daily exercise and games you are playing. All you need is a book (or some pieces of paper) and some colouring pencils.

You can either draw a picture or print a picture out (you can use this website to print 45 free pictures a month and they will get delivered to your house https://www.freeprints.co.uk/) and stick in and write what you have done. It will be lovely to see them when we are all back together.

Brightstart Home Learning

Week 1

Here are some home learning idea's for Brightstart children this week.

  • You could try some shadow drawing outside
  • Create a pouring station for some water play, young children love filling and emptying containers
  • Make some play dough and practice rolling snakes or rolling into balls, creating different shapes
  • Use some baking/greaseproof paper (Instead of sticky back plastic) and decorate in different shapes to create these sun catchers
  • Use a colander and some dried to spaghetti to practice fine motor skills




White Rose Maths

Below is a link to White Rose Maths, who have provided some free of charge resources that you can use at home. A lot of the maths learning is based upon a story, if you do not have the story, please don’t worry as you will find several versions of them on you tube that you can listen to and watch.



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