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Please address all enquiries to Judith Thompson
Our SEN Co-ordinator is Mrs Lynne Clegg and she can be contacted on 01274 771166

Year 3

Year 3 visited a synagogue in Bradford as part of our RE day. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the Jewish faith.

In our STEMO week, year 3 made kites. To understand how to make the best kite we could, we researched, designed, flew, built prototpes and tested materials. It was lots of fun.

Year 3 visited the MAGNA museum in Sheffield as part of their topic work. We visited all the areas based around the 'elements' fire, water, air and earth.

Fossils - We have looked at how fossils are formed over thousands of years in our topic work. We made clay fossils to represent those of animals that lived thousands of years ago.

Representing Maths - We were exploring values and how we could show different amounts in different ways. We found representations inside and outside of the school.

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