Message from the Head

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Killinghall Primary School.  I hope that you find the information within our website both useful and interesting.We hope to provide for you, a valuable insight into the high quality education we deliver to our children.  Our pupils are given opportunity and encouragement to enjoy school and be successful.

The gallery on the website demonstrates the importance we place upon stimulating experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We continue to develop strong partnerships between the pupils, staff, parents, governors and the local and wider community.

We have developed a strong culture based on team work which has created a school which goes that “extra mile” for its pupils.

Enjoy your ‘journey’ around the site.

Gill Edge
Here are the children having a special lunch with the Head Teacher


Gill's Spring 2015 Blog

The year is moving on so very quickly, only 59 school days to the beginning of Year 6 SATs.  These are tasks/tests that enable our oldest children to ‘show off’ just how much they have learnt since they were 7 years old.

Although children have only been in school 18 weeks since September 2014 we are beginning to see how much they have learnt.  Attendance has been good so far this year.

Parents are able to come into school on Friday 30 January and Friday 6 February to talk to teachers about their children’s progress.  Here are a few of the questions teachers will be able to answer:-


  • What should my child do better to improve in English / Reading and Maths?
  • What are they doing really well at?
  • Is there anything I could do to help them even more?
  • Are they making enough progress, if not why not?

Please visit your class website page to see what your children are studying this half term and watch for newsletters and invites to parent workshops and events in school

Here are some photos of parents involved in our parental learning activities.



Research shows that families have 6 times the importance in the development and learning of their children than schools do.  We can’t do it without you – we value all you do.

Gill Edge