Message from the Head

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Killinghall Primary School.  I hope that you find the information within our website both useful and interesting.We hope to provide for you, a valuable insight into the high quality education we deliver to our children.  Our pupils are given opportunity and encouragement to enjoy school and be successful.
The gallery on the website demonstrates the importance we place upon stimulating experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We continue to develop strong partnerships between the pupils, staff, parents, governors and the local and wider community.
We have developed a strong culture based on team work which has created a school which goes that “extra mile” for its pupils.
Enjoy your ‘journey’ around the site.

Gill Edge

Here are the children having a special lunch with the Head Teacher


Gill's Autumn 2013 Blog

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying using our website and our links to the learning platform.  The children still enjoy using DB primary. This autumn term has begun in a very busy way with lots of new staff and children.  The school expansion has now reached Year 3. We only have 3 years to go before we are a full 3 form entry school.

We are pleased to report that we got a very good Ofsted report in the summer of 2013 with leadership and management and behaviour and safety being deemed as ‘outstanding’.    We were very proud of the teachers and children and everyone celebrated by having an ice cream at the end of term.  Our SATs results were pleasing but there is always still much to learn.

This year we are concentrating on the School Development Plan improving the quality and consistency of our teaching across the school so that when observed a higher proportion of our teaching is ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.  Building on our Ofsted report we want to improve reading, comprehension and our reading skills in KS2. The rate of progress in early years needs to be greater if all our children are to reach national averages by Yr 6.

Yr 1 boys will need to work particularly hard if they are to catch up in speaking and listening and writing and emotional development.   Also this year and next year will see the introduction of a new school curriculum and we are working together as a school to make sure that it is as exciting as possible for the children.

This year lots of exciting things have happened already, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking 19 children to France along with children from Peel Park Primary School. Some of the photos can be seen in our gallery.

Parent consultations are planned for November and we do hope that all parents will bring their children this year to celebrate their work so far. 

This week we had the first of our special rewards for our lunchtime children and I thoroughly enjoyed having a buffet lunch with 10 children from KS1, these children had received a special invitation for lunch with the Headteacher because they had been commended by the lunchtime supervisors for their excellent behaviour.

As you can see from Killinghall Road the building work continues. We are very excited about the predicated opening of our new nursery.  From September 2014 we will be able to take 2 year olds into our nursery and they will benefit from this wonderful new environment.

School closes on Friday 25 October for half term and re- opens on Monday 4 November.  Please watch out for our newsletter for activities from then until Christmas. Our calendar is also posted on this website. 

We are always looking for ‘Killinghall parents and friends’ to work together on fun and fundraising events.  Please try and get involved and share in the success of your children and your school.
We know this year will be a busy and happy one.