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Address: Killinghall Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 7JF
Phone: 01274 771166 / Fax: 01274 771167
Email: office@killinghall.bradford.sch.uk
Please address all enquiries to Judith Thompson
Our SEN Co-ordinator is Mrs Lynne Clegg and she can be contacted on 01274 771166

Curriculum Statement of Intent

Our Curriculum

“Quality Education for All”

We aim to ignite a lifelong passion for learning in every pupil.  In order to do this, we intend to include, inspire and invest in every pupil through our bespoke curriculum.


Our curriculum aims to provide the pupils in our school with an aspirational and ambitious curriculum which is accessible to every child including children with disabilities and special educational needs. Our SEND Policy clearly demonstrates our compliance to the SEN Code of Practice 2015 and shows how we include children, with a diverse range of individual needs, in our rich curriculum and all aspects of school life. The curriculum will enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful in the later stages of their education and throughout their lives. It is a curriculum where every child feels safe and supported and where achievement is recognised however small and individual successes are celebrated and where children are nurtured to become ‘independent learners’.

We have organised our curriculum so that all our pupils are able to master a defined and carefully sequenced body of knowledge by the end of each year. A key element in the way we have designed and organised our curriculum has been the need to provide sufficient time for pupils to master new knowledge in depth, so that they are able to remember it over time and build on their learning progressively as they move through the school.

As well as developing pupils’ academic knowledge and skills, our curriculum also aims to support our children’s personal development and attitudes, including effective learning behaviours, so that they not only have the knowledge and skills to be effective lifelong learners but are also equipped with the language to be able to express themselves and have the motivation, curiosity, confidence and resilience to be successful.    

A key consideration underpinning the design of our curriculum is the need to extend our children’s horizons. This partly reflects our commitment to widening our pupils’ understanding of the world community and increasing their global awareness. However, an equally important factor underpinning our curriculum is the need to provide a wide range of rich, first-hand learning experiences which our pupils are unlikely to experience outside the school, delivered in a context so that their learning is purposeful and meaningful to them.      

Please see our subject intent documents which show progression across all year groups.

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